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3 Stories Templates That Sell On Autopilot

This one piggy-backs off the 5 Story Hacks that will 5x Your Views that I wrote last week. Which is a must-read if you want to skyrocket your views.

This one is designed to get you more leads and sales using Stories alone. 

Here are the 3 types we’ll talk about below

  1. The Hand-Raiser
  2. The Freebie to Auto-DM
  3. Your Offer + Results / Proof

Alright, let’s dive into them. 

#1 The Hand Raiser

The hand-raiser does exactly what it’s name implies, it gets the audience to raise their hand and self qualify for the offer that you’re promoting. 

This is what it looks like on Instagram:

And here’s how it looks on Twitter:

The script goes something like this:

Your Results
+ Your Unique Offer
+ Timeframe
+ Call To Action 


“If you’ve built a Twitter following and want to grow your Instagram in 2023

I’m taking on 3 people who to scale their Instagram and generate more leads. 

You do nothing. I’ll handle it all

Shoot me a DM if you’re interested.”

This generated a dozen high-quality leads from Twitter alone (with the same format it can be used on Stories too) 

How often you should run this:

You want to be selective with how often you use this strategy. Run it too much, it will seem like you don’t have any bites on your offer and you’re desperate. Run it too little, and people won’t believe that this offer is legitimate or it will seem out of the blue. I recommend using this once or twice a month to scout for quality leads.

#2 The Freebie to Auto-Dm

The Freebie to Auto-DM is a great way to bring about a shit ton of new DMs flooding into your inbox on IG. (Seriously, not kidding)

For starters, people love free stuff.

Second, assuming the product fits your audience, you have a bunch of fence sitters and non-action takers who are waiting for an excuse to try your products. This is your chance to wow them with something free (in exchange for their email of course).

Here’s what this looks like:

So how exactly does this work?

You write some copy saying something like:
“My client just grew 300k followers in the last 7 months without using reels

I put a case study together with the exact strategies we used to ignite her account

DM me the keyword “study” and I’ll send the case study over to you”

The formula for these is:
Hook with Results (300k followers in 8 months)
+ Easy Access (PDF in this case)
+ Call To Action

Advanced tip:
Connect this to ManyChat and automate the conversation. This will save your thumbs from having to respond to all of these new DMs (trust me your significant other will thank you since you won’t be buried in your phone all evening)

#3 Your Offer + Results / Proof

If you want more sales…

You need to talk about your offer more (and way more than 1x per month)

It should be every 3rd day (minimum) where you should have stories go out about your offer. And the best way to ensure this happens consistently, is to schedule your Stories out in advance.

The best part?

You don’t need some fancy, complicated software. You can do this right inside Meta’s business suite.

How to schedule them:

  1. Open up Meta’s Business Suite
  2. Navigate over to Planner
  3. Upload your media
  4. Schedule your Story

Here’s the schedule:

  • Say there are 30 Days in a month
  • Every 3rd day you schedule a Sales story
  • That’s 10 opportunities each month

Now ‘what’ should you share?

  1. Results from your offers
  2. Customer testimonials
  3. Client Wins
  4. Freebie to Auto-DMs
  5. Hand Raisers

It’s not salesy or slimy to talk about the results your getting for yourself or your clients. You’re simply stating facts.

These are real results with real people and you should be damn proud of that.

The world needs what you have to offer.

The Recap

Here are the 3 types we’ll talk about below

  1. The Hand-Raiser
  2. The Freebie to Auto-DM
  3. Your Offer + Results / Proof

Experiment with these, track your results, and stay winning!

See ya next week!


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