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Here’s a sneaky way one creator is getting 1500+ comments per post. Let’s steal it.

A Call To Action is a point in content where you ask your readers and viewers to do something, to click, to comment, etc (as the name states)

So a mid-roll CTA is a point after the beginning and before the ending where you make an ask.

Kind of like where TV shows have commercials in the middle of an episode, a mid-roll CTA is like a mini-commercial within your video where you promote a specific action.

Here Watch this breakdown instead

These are super valuable for driving more engagement and activity to your post.

How to use it

Choose key points in your content that could benefit from a deeper or longer explanation.

but for the sake for brevity, you decided to put this info into a Notion doc or Loom or YouTube.

Break from script and say “it’s too much to put in here but if you want the full XYZ click here”

Be careful not to overuse these too much, they’ll lose their effectiveness overtime. Using it every post would be a bit much.

Also make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. The value of reward needs to be worth it to get the user to take action.


  • Step by step process with video tutorials
  • DM scripts for closing clients
  • Templates they can download
  • Swipe files the can copy

Those would be value adds that enhance the content for the user.

4 places you can deploy this:

  1. Use 1 to 2 call to actions at key points in your video
  2. Use Call To actions on slide 4 and 9
  3. Use CTAs near the start of your caption after the intro and details
  4. In your emails (like I did in this one to get you to click and watch the video)

And that’s the mid roll CTA in a nutshell.

Try it on your next piece of content and let me know how it goes!

Talk soon,


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