Turn Instagram into your Automated Sales Machine

The complete automation system for busy creators who want more growth and sales on Instagram.

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Watch how my clients are getting 30,000+ views on Stories and collecting 3,000 emails in 24 hours.

Tons of lessons like this!

Turn followers into Customers — on autopilot

With the Automated Creator System. — it’s not just DMs — it’s the entire communication process from Content through to Email.

Earn While You Sleep: Transform your followers into customers even when you’re offline. Our automation ensures you’re making sales and capturing leads 24/7, turning your social media into a revenue-generating machine.

No More Manual DMs: With Instagram DM Automation, you can engage your followers instantly and consistently, saving countless hours.

Engaging Stories in Minutes: Pre-designed Instagram Story templates let you create captivating content quickly, increasing views without the time drain.

Effortless Email Campaigns: Ready-to-use email templates streamline your communication, cutting down the 4-hour setup to mere minutes.

Easy Integration: One-click Installs for all DM automation flows.

Viral Engagement: Each template is designed not just to save time, but to boost engagement and growth on your platforms.

Let me show you how ?

Who exactly is this for?

I originally built this for me and my business as a busy solo creator. However, I knew I had something reeeeaally good. So I set out to stress test it across a bunch of different use cases and creator businesses.

annnnd it worked flawlessly — shocker.

Check out if it’s right for you ?

Busy Creators & Entrepreneurs
You’re shaping the future in marketing, AI, fitness, or design, but the one thing we can’t get back — is time. This system slashes the hours you spend on managing the messy parts of Instagram giving you the freedom to focus on what really counts – growing your business and engaging deeply with your audience (or being able to dip out of work for your kids basketball game — been there, definitely done that).

Side Hustler wanting more time?
Ready to ditch the 9-to-5 and go full throttle at this whole creator thing? Hell yea, I’m done that — it’s wild. But, whether you’re just starting to gain traction or looking to monetize a booming follower base, this product is your blueprint to turn those followers into customers — automatically

Running Solo Dolo as a creator
No team? No problem. I’m not much for the big teams and managing people either. This solution is perfect for the one-person powerhouse. Create, automate, and convert with a tool that’s as ambitious as you are – all without needing a big team or deep pockets.

The Digital Product Seller
New to the monetization game? or been here a while but want to make it better? — This is my jam! This will guide you through the maze. Learn to craft compelling content, automate your workflows, and transform your followers into buyers, all while keeping it genuine and uniquely you.

You’re not just getting a tool; you’re getting a bonafide automated lead printer that’s changing how people build and grow their Instagram businesses. Be bold, be different, and let’s make your dream a thriving (automated) reality.

Let me show you how ?

This is what gets me amped 👇

More Views. More Leads. More Sales.

Not only does this system help you reclaim your life (our customers save an average of ~12 hours per week) but they’ll also improve engagement and conversions across the board!

Leverage our powerful Stories to Sales strategies and templates to explode your Story engagement.

✅ Get more Story views
✅ Reach up to 25% of your audience
✅ Get more reactions
✅ Get more DMs

Take users right from your DMs in Instagram and push them to multiple services automatically. Set it up once and use it forever.

✅ Full Zapier tutorial
✅ Full Make tutorial
✅ Grow your email list
✅ Easy to follow tutorials

Learn powerful techniques to 5x your Reels engagement

✅ Drive more comments
✅ Exploit the algorithm
✅ Reach more people

Master the art of the DM

✅ Save 2+ hrs per day
✅ Network like a pro
✅ Get more opportunites

Setup your complete creator email system in a day

✅ Over 30+ email templates
✅ Convert followers to buyers
✅ Grow your Email list from the DMs
✅ Diversify your brand

No need to build everything from scratch — I’ve included ALL of the templates you need in a one-click install

✅ 65+ Instagram Story Templates
✅ 14 ManyChat Funnels
✅ 35 Email Templates
✅ Zapier and Make flows

Don’t go it alone — leverage the power of community and tap into the minds of over 300 Automated Creators building their digital empire

✅ Private Discord Community
✅ Active and Tight-knit
✅ Daily Q&A’s
✅ Exclusive access

More wins 👇

What's included

I want you to have everything you need to run this program Day 1. That’s why I’ve included over 100+ done-for-you Story Templates, Email Flows, DM Automation Funnels, Notion Guides, and more!

watch the demo!


Course Lessons

Quick Walkthrough

How To Reach 1 Million People Each Month

2 things holding you back

Working with the Algorithm

How to use the Content Funnel

Content strategy for 2024

If I were starting over today (Content)

How to craft compelling Stories

Story Design and why it matters

Setting up your first Story Flow

6 Places You Need to Automate

Why DM automation works

Mistakes creators make with automation

Where and when to use Automation

How to write high-converting Captions

Crafting a high converting bio

How to 10x your views

How to get Sales from Stories

Evergreen Story Stack

The 6 figure tool stack I use

ManyChat Deep Dive

Integrating ManyChat with Zapier

Setting up Make with ManyChat

Leveraging ChatGPT with your DMs

ManyChat x Google Sheets CRM

How to track campaigns

And more!


Stellar results from automated creators!


Turn Instagram into an Automated Lead Printer for your online business

⚡️ Save $150 and get 5 courses

Automated Creator Bundle


✔ Automated Creator Course
✔ Digital Products course
✔ Email for creators course
✔ 36 Lessons (3+ hrs)
✔ 75+ Stories templates
✔ 32 email templates
✔ 15 ManyChat templates
✔ Community Access
✔ Content Creation Course
✔ Viral Reels masterclass
✔ AI Prompts for Creators
✔ Notion Templates
✔ Lifetime Updates

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Pay once. Keep forever.

⚡️ Save $150 and get 5 courses

Automated Creator Only


✔ Automated Creator Course
✔ Digital Products course
✔ Email for creators course
✔ 36 Lessons (3+ hrs)
✔ 75+ Stories templates
✔ 32 email templates
✔ 15 ManyChat templates
✔ Community Access
✔ Content Creation Course
✔ Viral Reels masterclass
✔ AI Prompts for Creators
✔ Notion Templates
✔ Lifetime Updates

Pay once. Keep forever.

The Automated Creator Life

What’s good!? Steve Mellor here

I’ve been growing and monetizing Instagrams since 2019 — I had a ton of fun and helped creators add millions of followers in the process.

Things were good — until they weren’t.

Burnout hit annnnnddd I needed to do something about it. This is where the idea of ‘Automated Creator’ came from.

Being able to automate the messy parts of a creator business without the need to hire assistants, add on employees, and still continue to grow — has been a career saver.

The ability to have my creator business working for me while I’m off creating content (or even sleeping) is what we all strive for as creators, amiright?

Here are a few reasons why I built this system:
1. To save loads of time on managing my DMs, comments, and growing my Instagram
2. To increase my views, reach, and engagement across the board
3. To generate more leads and sales — on autopilot (yes, it’s cliche, but I guess you could say it’s passive).

Feel free to watch the demo below to get a feel for how amazing this system is!

p.s. these didn’t just work on my account, they’ve captured over 30,000 emails, generated over 427,000 Story Views, and started 50K conversations in the DMs for clients — now I’m bringing the same systems to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for exactly?

This course is for you if you use Instagram for your business and you want to generate more leads and sales from Instagram
– Busy Creators & Entrepreneurs
– Side Hustler wanting more time and freedom
– Solo creators and solo operators
– Social Media and Brand Managers who manage multiple clients
– Digital Product Sellers
– Ecom brandsIf you fit into one of those, this course is for you.

Who should not buy this course?

If you’re not using Instagram for your online business, then you shouldn’t buy this course.

Even if you’re only looking to copy all of the funnels, email templates, and Story templates, I’d still purchase this, and treat the course as a bonus.

Do I need to have digital products ready to go?

Nope this is for anyone who wants to get more views, leads, and sales from Instagram. It doesn’t rely solely on Digital Products. But, there is an entire course included in this on teaching you how to create your own digital products!

What's included in this?

Automated Creator comes with waaaaaayy more than just templates or a “course” — this is an A-Z Instagram Automation System. I will walk you through setting up every part and even provide all of the templates I use for my clients.

✔ Automated Creator Course

✔ Email for creators course

✔ 65+ Stories templates

✔ 32 email templates

✔ 10 Automation templates

✔ Community Access

✔ Digital Products course

✔ AI Prompts for Creators

✔ Notion Templates

✔ Lifetime Updates

If you’re looking to get more views, capture more leads, and generate more sales — this is for you.

How do I access the course and templates?

Right after you checkout — you’ll be redirected to setup your account in Thinkific (My course hosting platform). Once you setup your account, you’ll have lifetime access to all the trainings and templates. I’d recommend making copies of the templates to your own Google Drive or Notion.

What does this course help me do?

This course teaches you how to turn your Instagram DMs into an Automated Sales Machine. It gives you the systems, automations, and templates so you can set it up once and generate leads while you sleep.

How long is this course?

The course is made of video and written instruction. It’s roughly 120 minutes long and that’s broken up into a 60 minute strategy course and 60 minute walkthrough course.

Do I need a lot of followers for this?

While you don’t need an audience or substantial following — it does help generate even more traffic and results but is certainly not a requirement.

How quickly will I see results?

Results will vary depending on how quickly you can implement everything and how good your content is. When I use this system for clients, I can get them results in 24 hours.

In one module, you’ll see me walk through a complete demo of everything I setup.

What happens after I purchase?

Once you click “Get Automated Creator — you’ll be taken to the course checkout page. After you pay, you’ll be redirected to thinkific to creator your account and access the course. I’ll also send you an email a few minutes after that will contain your welcome kit. If you don’t get that email, check your spam folder first, then you can reach out to me on Instagram or via email steve@stevenmellor.com
Is this course included in your Membership?

Is this included in your membership?

No. This is not included in the Zero to 100K membership. They’re two separate products.

Can I get a refund?

No. This course contains templates and downloads can’t be returned after purchase.

What software do I need to use this?

Here’s a tech friendly stack that I recommend for best results:

✔ Instagram Connected to Facebook
✔ ManyChat (free version available)
✔ Email Service (I use flodesk, but I also recommend ConvertKit)
✔ Zapier or Make.com for Integration to email

You don’t need everything setup at once, the only one you need is ManyChat and your Instagram account connected to your Meta Business Suite (don’t worry, I walk you through how to do that too). Also, you can always add these as you progress through the course.

More wins 👇

You're 24hrs away from getting massive results

Don’t waste time fidgeting with automations — install ours and you’ll be up and running in 24 hours.